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The VEOS SLR is the first LED-flash-based skin imaging solution for dermoscopic and macro imaging of lesions and hair. Fast, compact and easy to use, VEOS SLR captures consistent, reproducible, dermoscopic and clinical images. Sequentially capture cross-polarized and non-polarized images in either contact or non-contact modes.

36 LEDs provide a bright video preview and then are pulsed to flash intensely for the capture. The 22mm field of view and 18 megapixel resolution ensure sharp details and excellent clinical information. Zoom in and review images on the camera’s 1 million dot 3-inch LCD display. VEOS SLR is only available as a complete calibrated solution including Canon SLR.

  • Integrated Canon SLR Camera
  • Polarized and Non-Polarized lighting
  • Contact or non-contact imaging
  • Unique LED flash system
  • 18 MP resolution