Optima 3-in-1

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Examination magnifier for fast clinical analysis or in-depth dermatological examinations. With its maximized field of view and color-true illumination, the Optima examination magnifier provides optimum support in everyday practice.

  • Non-polarized light (daylight) is characterized by brightness, color fidelity and homogeneity.
  • Polarized light reduces reflections and puts skin irregularities in the background for better evaluation of colors and contours.
  • Directed light, either from the left or from the right side, is particularly suitable for raised lesions such as nodules or angiomas.
  • UV / Wood’s light With four high-output 365nm UV LEDs, superficial pigment and skin auto-fluorescence can be easily visualized. Suitable for Wood’s light exams of bacterial, parasitic, or fungal skin infections.