Optima, Luminis, and Dual Charging Station Bundle

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Limited time only - Bundle including our Luminis dermatoscope, Optima 3-in-1 examination magnifier, and Dual Charging Station. 


  • Luminis - Close to daylight lighting conditions of the skin surface are crucial. Luminis is the only hand-held dermatoscopic tool that offers daylight chromatic spectrum to you. High-quality optical components and a newly developed electronic control guarantee a brilliant, standardized image quality, simple handling, and a robust operation.
  • Optima 3-in-1 - Examination magnifier for fast clinical analysis or in-depth dermatological examinations. With its maximized field of view and color-true illumination, the Optima examination magnifier provides optimum support in everyday practice.
  • Dual Charging Station - Charging station for Optima examination magnifier and Luminis dermatoscope, charges one or both devices simultaneously.